“I’m a hairdresser and in my line of work being on my feet all day back ache is constantly an issue. Since going to Emma she has really helped ease my pain, I rarely have problems with my shoulders anymore and lower back pain isn’t a big issue. It’s a great help to have someone so professional, and genuinely passionate about their work treat you. The results are there because she knows what she’s doing. Thanks Emma!” Bonnie

“I highly recommend massage sessions with Emma. During and after the treatment I feel really great and full of energy. I have been giving and receiving massage for 9 years and Emma is one of the best therapists that I have met during this time. Thank you.” Robert

“I visited Emma on the recommendation of a work colleague and have been seeing her now for about 5 months. I wanted treatment for a very painful arthritic knee. Emma was not the first masseuse I had been to and whilst the others were all good, what particularly impresses me about Emma is her holistic approach to treatment embracing massage, reiki, and advice about meditation, exercise and diet. After several sessions of deep tissue massage Emma began to gradually introduce some reiki to get my blocked energy flowing again and my sessions are now a mixture of massage and reiki. Emma also uses her voice and percussion, as sound resonates with and helps generate the energy flow. She discusses everything first before commencing with the treatment to make sure you are entirely happy with it. Not only has the pain from my knee almost completely abated, but I feel much better in myself generally. Each session commences with a chat about how my health in general and knee in particular has been. No two sessions are ever exactly the same, and the benefits are enormous. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for someone who can provide highly effective holistic treatment along with with a warm, sympathetic and caring personality. Emma also offers other complimentary treatments such as Indian head and face massage and reflexology”  Simon

“I was lucky enough to meet Emma through a charity event where we discussed the various treatments on offer. I am a professional martial arts instructor and keeping my body in good check is of paramount importance to me. I started off with a Sports Massage which was first class. Emma focused on areas where I had particular injuries and also looked at a lot of rehab work for me. If I have a particular area that needs further work she will always give me exercises that I can do in my own time between treatments. I have received various treatments for years from a large amount of professionals and I have found Emma to be right up there with the best of them. I also feel that massage is true and feels much better value for money over a two minute manipulation from a chiropractor or a physio running an ultrasound machine over an area. I think all treatments have their merits and its good to mix and match however, if you are on a budget then go for a massage. More recently I have started having Reiki treatments from Emma as I feel this keeps me extremely focused and relaxed which is important when running a business. It is definitely for everyone and I think you should try and see the benefits.” Marcus Houston Owner of Combat Ready Gym, Edinburgh

“I had my first Reiki session from Emma back in April 2012. I instantly warmed to her friendly approach and calming influence. She sat me down for a full consultation and explained to me the process of the Reiki treatment. During the treatment I felt very relaxed and was pleased to feel the amazing Reiki energy going through my body; re-balancing my chakras. After my second session of Reiki with Emma, I booked a course of treatments at a discounted price. I also had Reflexology sessions with Emma and was very impressed with her gentle touch and knowledge of the feet.  I have had Reflexology before at another clinic and found it really painful which put me off having it done again, but Emma has had me back for Reflexology treatments and I love it. I can honestly say that Emma is a lovely girl who is very professional in her field and I will continue to see her for treatments in the future. Thanks for everything Emma you have enlightened me.” Janice

“Emma sorted out a long term upper back and shoulder problem for me after a short course of treatment – an angel.”  Jim

“I have been a patient of Emma Stout for about 4 months. In that time she has primarily massaged my back and neck, arms and hands, and also treated me with Indian head massage. My back and neck have responded very well to her treatment, and I now rarely suffer from the kind of aches and niggles that previously occurred on a daily basis. Emma has a very thorough and professional approach to her work; her treatment sessions are always a friendly, enjoyable experience and for me the benefits to my health and well being are unquestionable. I would recommend Emma to anyone wanting to reduce stress and restore balance in their life.”  Andrew

“As well as the physical benefits to my general health and my muscles, I feel a lot less stressed since having regular massage from Emma. I even feel much more able to cope with situations at work which would normally cause high levels of stress, and this for me is a huge benefit.”  John

“Healing hands that work wonders. My back & shoulders were a complete mess (sore & tight). Emma’s hands & techniques worked wonders- like what WD40 would have done for the tin man. Thank you.”  Cat

“Everyone should have a massage from Emma! my back was in knots upon knots before Emma worked her magic on them, definitely one to go for if you get a chance! Thank you Emma!”   Shona

“Most definitely the best massage I have ever had! The knots in my back were insane, but Emma worked them back to sanity :-) Thank you soooo much!” Pam

“I approached going to my first Reiki session with an open mind knowing that it could be beneficial and could increase the flow of energy within the body in areas blocked by a build up of negative thoughts and emotions. Emma immediately put me at ease and talked through exactly what she would be doing. I can only describe the whole session as extremely relaxing and almost euphoric at times. My body felt charged afterwards but the main difference was how light my head felt. Emma explained that this was where a lot of stagnant energy was removed in order to promote the return of a positive flow of energy to that area. The whole experience was one I can highly recommend, I feel it was of benefit and I will certainly be going again for another session.”  Colin

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