Deep Tissue Massage

A combination of Swedish and Sports Massage are used to effectively relieve tension in the body; whilst you relax and enjoy.

This type of massage can benefit everyone, whether you are carrying a lot of tension or just want to relax. It is designed to help prevent muscular strain through regular use and is used to greatly enhance and complement the treatment of muscular injuries; which is often essential for best results.


Lay down on a massage couch and relax as the muscles of the body that require attention are massaged using a small amount of Organic Grapeseed oil. Modesty is always kept intact as only the areas being worked on are exposed at any one time and the rest of the body is kept covered and warm with towels. This treatment uses a variety of light and deep pressure Swedish Massage techniques specifically designed to relax the muscles, providing relief from tension, numbness and pain. Specific Sports Massage techniques are applied as appropriate to really work out the tension. This works on the deeper muscle fibres; loosening out the knots and preparing them for activity. This allows for a healthy flow of circulation and toxin elimination, helping to restore damaged tissue and relieve muscular tension after exercise. If required, specific stretching techniques can also be applied to help increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles.

Benefits of regular treatment

The benefits of regular massage are huge, helping to heal and maintain the body on many levels. Below are a few examples:

Deep tissue massage can help to manage:

  • mood disorders such as anxiety and depression
  • blood pressure
  • sports-related injuries
  • pain

Other effects include:

  • increased mobility of the joints
  • stronger immune system
  • increased metabolism
  • improved skin and muscle tone
  • release of toxins from the body (flushes the tissues of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes)
  • decreased recovery time from muscular strain and fatigue
  • improved posture
  • reduced physical and emotional stress levels, which help to create a healthier body and induce an intense state of well-being

Back, neck & shoulders: 45 minutes £35

Back, neck & shoulders (including either Head massage or Reiki)  1 hour 15 minutes  £45

Full body massage (as above and includes the legs & arms)  1 hour 30 minutes  £55

Each session is tailored to suit your individual requirements and preferences.

The first appointment includes an initial consultation within the appointment time.

‘I had persistent pain under my right shoulder from years of dragging my computer mouse around. Emma’s deep tissue massage sorted it out and her insight and advice helps me keep it away. Professional, knowledgeable and caring is how I would describe the treatment provided.’ Jim

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